Indian Coast Guard

Department/ Ministry:Indian Coast Guard / Ministry of Defence

Technology:SQL Server, Asp.NET

Work Type:Website Development

Duration:6 Months

Location:New Delhi , Delhi, India

Project Brief Description

The ICG project is to allow the department for easily managing the overall content of the website and to add new content. It has two extra module Marine and HIMMIS. Marine Environment Module functionality allows for submitting Contingency plans and annual returns and HIMMIS for specific Officers and Civilians to view their service details e.g. leaves, medals etc.


Project Scope

Below modules and functionality are covered in the Indian Coast Guard:

  1. To provide the users with all the information related to the force level.
  2. Role based access management.
  3. Provided easy to use CMS for managing day to day content
  4. HIMMIS Employee management helps Indian Coast Guard Officers and civilians to cross check their service details like:
  • Personal details
  • Promotions
  • Medals
  • Updated Leaves
  • SOE/Form 16
  • Address details.

Marine Environment Module functionality help Port Trust and Oil handing agencies like ONGC, Hindustan Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum to sing an MOU with Indian Coast Guard by submitting Contingency plan once in 5 year, having details of their equipment’s.

Port Trusts & Oil handing agencies also fill annual returns of their activities which they have conducted within a year.


* The above mentioned information may vary from actual, in case of change in design and functionality at later stage.