Rajghat Samadhi Committee

Department/ Ministry:Rajghat Samadhi Committee / Ministry of Urban Development

Technology:MySql, PHP, Apache web server,

Work Type:Website Development

Duration:5 Months

Location:Delhi , Delhi, India

Project Brief Description

The Rajghat project is for department to allow easily managing overall content of the website and to add new content. This is for visitors to view various information’s related to the Rajghat Samadhi e.g. upcoming events, delegates, photo gallery etc.


Project Scope

The scope of project is to manage functionalities of rajghat. Following modules and functionality are covered in Rajghat:

  1. CMS (Content Management System)
  2. Role Base Management
  3. News & Announcement
  4. Tenders
  5. Publications Management
  6. FAQs
  7. Events Management
  8. Media Gallery

* The above mentioned information may vary from actual, in case of change in design and functionality at later stage.