Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation

Department/ Ministry:Drinking Water & Sanitation Department / Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation

Technology:Drupal, Maria DB, Linux, Apache web server

Work Type:Website Development

Duration:57 Days

Location:New Delhi , Delhi, India

Project Brief Description

Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation is a Content Management Framework project and allow the department for easily managing the overall content of the website. The purpose of this project is to manage information about the level of water, drinking water and sanitation. The website is based on GIGW Compliant and code is Security Audited.


Project Scope

Drinking Water & Sanitation website contain following features and module:

  1. CMF(Content Management Framework)
  2. Who's Who
  3. Right to Inform
  4. KRC (Key Resource Centres) & Training
  5. Media Coverage
  6. Whats New
  7. Innovations
  8. Documents & Report
  9. Citizen Corner
  10. Related Links
  11. Miscellaneous
  12. Events
  13. Tender
  14. Circular
  15. Publication
  16. Recruitment
  17. Clients Charter
  18. Media Gallery
  19. Feedback
  20. Accessibility Statement

* The above mentioned information may vary from actual, in case of change in design and functionality at later stage.