Department of Science and Technology

Department/ Ministry:Department of Science and Technology / Ministry of Science and Technology

Technology:Drupal, Maria DB, Linux

Work Type:Website Development

Duration:57 Days

Location:New Delhi , Delhi, India

Project Brief Description

The purpose the project is to manage the overall content of the website through CMF (Content Management Framework) and provide information related to the:

1. Department of Science and Technology with special emphasis on emerging areas

2. Research and Development activities and to promote utilization of by- products to development value added chemicals.

Following extra features developed in DST project:

1. E-Journal Resources

2. Vigilance Awareness Week

3. Fellowship Opportunities for Fellowship

4. Schemes Open throughout the Year


Project Scope

The scope of project is to provide information related to the Department. Following modules and functionalities have been developed in DST project (Department of Science and Technology):
1. CMF module is used for managing overall content of website
2. Scientific Programmes
3. What's New
4. Announcement
5. Vacancies
6. Reports
7. Important Links
8. Press Release
9. Tenders
10. Pension Grievance Redressal
11. Public Grievances
12. Media Gallery
13. Feedback


* The above mentioned information may vary from actual, in case of change in design and functionality at later stage.