Department of Official Language

Department/ Ministry:Department of Official Language / Ministry of Home Affairs

Technology:Drupal, Maria DB, Linux

Work Type:Website Development

Duration:57 Days

Location:New Delhi , Delhi, India

Project Brief Description

Department of Official Language is a comprehensive, secure and GIGW Compliance Web Portal to disseminate information related to (1) E-book, (2) Rajbhasha Vibhag Poster (3) Who’s Who (4) Officials Journals and Articles (5) Hindi Vocabulary (6)Selected Writer for the month. The website made to promote and use of Hindi for the official purposes of the Union.


Project Scope

Following modules and functionalities have developed in CMF-Official Language project:
1. CMF
2. Whos who
3. Hindi Training
4. Vistitors Statistics
5. What's New
6. Rajbhasha Releated Module
7. Minister Message Module
8. E-Book
9. Media Gallery
10. Feedback
11. Annual Programme and Reports


* The above mentioned information may vary from actual, in case of change in design and functionality at later stage.