Placement Consultants in Delhi

Placement Consultants & Recruitment Agencies in Delhi

Recruiting right kind of resources at the right time and within the budget is often seen as one of the biggest challenge in managing growth targets. Inability to on-board right kind of resources at the right time often results in company losing its growth targets.
This is where you can benefit from our expertise. We at NetCreativeMind with our experience of over 15 years of offering IT & IT enabled services to our valued customers.

"Ensuring right resource at right time and within budget for each location"


In House Databank

In-house databank

In addition to having access to multiple job portals and extensive social media network we also have in-house database of technically filtered candidates for over 50+ specialized niche IT skills like Ruby on Rails, Drupal, Phonegap, Selenium, Sharepoint, Shopify, .Net, PHP, Java, Java Struts, Certified Project Manager etc.

Expert Recruiters

Expert Recruiters

We have specialized recruiters for each of our focus area. Our expert recruiters not only understand ins and outs of our client specific business needs but are also maintaining own database of suitable resource. They are able to ensure availability of suitable candidate within minimum possible time.

Dual Screening

Dual Screening

To further ensure that client only gets most relevant resume, each resume is cross checked against predefined checklist by another recruiter to avoid any possible errors.

Joining & On-boarding

Joining & On-boarding

Each of our selected candidates is personally tracked until joining including monitoring their relieving from previous company to joining, document verification, health check etc. to ensure smooth onboarding.

If you are an established company with lots of job openings or a startup with no dedicated recruitment team and no experience in hiring process

Why Choose Us

  • SLA based Service Guarantee

  • Vertical specific expert recruiters

  • Online tests for IQ, EQ and Language Skills

  • Dual Screening to ensure optimum utilization of client resources with best possible resumes filtering

  • Technology Driven processes with inbuilt talent management software with automated continuous communication with talent pool

  • Extensive Resume Databank with multiple subscriptions and in-house data bank of technically filtered candidates including special focus on 50+ niche IT skills

why choose us


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Common Recruitment problems can derail you from your core responsibilities.

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